Tuesday, 28 September 2010

How To Make A Story Quilt With Your 'Heart On Your Quilt'.

Beauty is everywhere, in every stitch and fiber!
  • You may have guessed I'm a bit of a fan of applique, I love the way colour is used and in particular the beauty in the detail and this Designer, Julie Bull, is by no means an exception. 
  • Julia does sell her lovely work on Folksy but I wanted to feature this beautiful quilt as every corner is a masterpiece in itself.  It is an embroidered cloth measuring 48x42 inches which was entered into the Festival of Quilts 2009.
  • The first work in the Tales From The Welsh Wood series, it sets the scene for Flower Girls victory over the Bony Drama Queen and her evil henchman The Boxer.
  • The cloth uses hand dyed recycled cotton fabric, machine pieced then hand appliqued and embroidered with cotton threads.

Fairy Child
Flower Girl
Choir Master

Bony Drama Queen 
  • I could wax lyrical about every inch of this quilt but felt it best for you to look at each picture with your own thoughts, as I think they stir something deep inside all of us.
  • Julie is an Artist/Illustrator working in the medium of embroidered textiles presently studying for a Masters Degree in Contemporary Applied Arts at The University of Cumbria, Carlisle. 
  • It took me a while to write this article, as brief as it may seem, as I was unsure how to present her work. Especially as she has her own personal story of survival, which she talks about in her Blog.
  • She says, "Its been an interesting journey, ranging from emotionally draining to inspirational and exhilarating! My reasons for wanting to do the MA were to try and find myself, my style and my place in the Textile Artworld. Its the first time I have taken the time to really focus on my art practice and to discover what was important to me. I have rediscovered the joy of drawing, designing and translating my ideas into reality using my favourite medium, fabric." 
If you have been inspired go to Julie's Blog or if you wish to buy go to her Folksy Shop.

What is your favorite piece of the quilt?

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Linda said...

I absolutely love the color and playful style of this quilt!

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Linda, it's great isn't it. I think it was the colour that attracted me to it too! I love the way people can work with colour, I just don't have that sort of 'eye'. LOL :)