Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fabric with the Magic of Albino!

Spooky, but Protean's heart's in the right place, after all they are Albino Bunnies!

In case you need proof that Albino is Magical! Whilst searching Etsy I stumbled across some gorgeous Albino Rabbit items. We have an Albino Rabbit and this made me curious for more fabric items that have been crafted in the name of Albino, the beguiling mix of pure white bodies with pink eyes.
To start with I guess you've got to have an Albino Sock Monkey. What is it about this sock monkey that just shouts FUNKY!
Who'd have thought, not only an albino octopus but the creative skill to make a plush toy of one is genius, and he's so handsome!
One Little Very Vanilla Cotton Candy
by ScrumptiousDelight at Etsy

OK, this is just silly, but so funny!

Albino Owlett by Undead Doll at Etsy

You can never have too many owls of anything and Albino is no exception, another great idea! To make a plush toy and think Albino. One of those, 'I wish I had thought of that' moments!

OK before I say anything else, I have already 'baggsied' this bag for the end of the month, so no touching! Sorry Emandsprout but I so want this bag, but had to share it with everyone! It's going to be great for the walk to and from school with the kids and all their school bags and paraphernalia will fit in beautifully!
Lab Rat Plushie by Smokyhollow at Etsy
And last, but by no means least a very cute Lab Rat, I have to say it's the cutest rat I've ever seen.  If they were like this in London people would be catching and selling them!

And of course our Albino Rabbit Albie and 
(now sadly deceased) Iris.

So who would have thought Albino could have so much charm as well as magic! Are there any Albino creatures that charm you?

If these items inspire or you wish to buy, just click on the heading of the picture as they are linked to the Etsy Seller's shop.

Many thanks for dropping by, I always appreciate it!


Fat Chick Design said...

They are all so bizarre!
I am sure I will have nightmares :)
I am really loving your blog Emma

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Fat Chick Design, thanks for dropping by! You should see Albie's eyes for real, they so give me the 'Willies'! :D

meplusmolly said...

Hi Emma,
Sorry about the email add - it's co.uk not com - I was sooo tired last night as I'd been up since 4am that I'd freakishly put com instead!!! Rubbish of me. So drop me an email - hello(at)meplusmolly(dot)co(dot)uk :)