Monday, 20 September 2010

FABRIC NEWS: Have You Seen Honey Bee By Michael Miller?

Honey Bee Yellow From ShuShuStyle at Etsy
New for this season is the fabulous Honey Bee by Michael Miller.  It's such a lovely mix of coordinating fabrics, perfect for lots of your favorite sewing projects. These Bees are charming with their smiley faces!
Honey Bee Charm Pack From Stitch & Stash at Etsy
A really lovely sample of all the designs available, great way to see what a patchwork quilt would look like!
Honey Vine, Thyme at Fabricworm Etsy
I love the simplicity of this design, really getting back to the perfection of nature!
Michael Miller Honey Bee Bundle from Stitch & Stash at Etsy
Another excellent example of most of the designs, really clean and simple.
Honey Meadow Garden from Fabric Worm at Etsy
This piece is so much busier than the others but seems to bring all the colours of the range together.
The brightest of all the range, these flowers seem to positively sparkle!

I love this range of  Michael Miller fabric, basically because I love bees.  Who doesn't? It would be great to see this range made up into a bag with the Honey Bee on the outside and the Bloom Flowers in chocolate on the inside. Fantastic!  What would you make with it?

If you are inspired by this fabric or want to buy some just click on the heading of each picture, which is a link to the shop.

Many thanks for dropping by!  Emma :)

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