Friday, 3 September 2010

Beginners Guide To Marketing Your Online 'Handmade' Shop

When you're starting out, marketing is about getting your name out there at minimum cost, so here are some basics to get you started.

Get yourself a Blog! It's free and you can post (advertise) specials and Giveaways! Everyone loves free stuff! That way you get your name in the Google arena and the more people who visit your blog and follow you, the higher up in the Google
 ranking you get.

Join Twitter and Facebook! You may already be blogging and tweeting and if you are, then you should have links on your website. (You need a website). The more places that link to you online, the more Google likes you.

Add a 'how to' video to You Tube, which is the 2nd largest search engine to Google (that's why Google bought it).

You need to search out handmade related groups, message boards and lists and get yourself in their directory like UK HandmadeMisiEtsy or Ugly Be Gone. Add your profile everywhere.

Then host a 
Giveaway and people will participate, and they'll ask their friends to go to your blog and enter too, which will bring you more traffic.

You'll need a Flickr account to host your pictures, which will bring you some traffic as well if you upload images of your handmade items there. (Check out the terms of Flickr because they shut you down if you try to mention your shop there).

Remember marketing is probably 40% of your working time and is essential to get your name known and therefore lots of lovely sales!

What I love about 'Handmade/Crafters' online is that there is a great community spirit and everyone helps each other.  So be sure to help others along the way and they'll help you in return.

I really hope these tips are of some help.

Do you know of any really smashing examples of marketing that I haven't even touched upon? Please let me know and I'll add them with a link to your site. ;)


Jenny said...

Really good tips Emma, it is sometimes hard to know just where to start at the beginning and these are all great ways of getting your name known! Co-incidentally check out my current giveaway on my blog:) xx

Linnhe Mara said...

Thanks for that Emma. Just beginning to discover how much time this all takes and that I might need to get myself a more comfortable chair for the computer : )

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Jenny, thanks for that, it's great if it helps even just one person! I saw you Blogged a Giveaway of your fabulous buttons, but haven't had a chance to check it out. I've got 2 parties to take the children to today (better social diary than me!) and I MUST clean out the bunnies too! When the kids are in bed (BLISS), I'll check it out and 'pass it on'. ;)

Emma Thomsen said...

Thanks Linnhe, I now what you mean! Right now I'm at my laptop stood up bent over trying to quickly catch up between kids parties! It is so easy to spend hours online trying to do 'marketing' and 'research'. On more than one occasion I have sat up until very late into the night 'working'. But needs must, as they say! :D LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the ideas Emma, I am very new to all of this and my learning curve has been steep. The tip on networking sites is going to help me a great deal. Dianna

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Dianna, thanks for your comment, feedback is always very welcome! I love your bags and purses, where do you sell them? Emma ;)

Anonymous said...

I am only making for friends at the moment but hope to sell them on-line sometime soon. Dianna

Emma Thomsen said...

They're fab, I'm sure you'd get lots of customers! ;)