Monday, 20 September 2010

B Is For Baby!

Monday morning and the kids are back at school, so time for my Fabric ABC.  And you guessed it, today it's B For Baby!  

I have aimed for all things Baby in fabric, but I have managed to slip in something grown up with Babies on the fabric, and something completely silly for baby in fabric.  Can you guess which one?

Baby Boy Rocket Booties by Funkyshapes at Etsy
I had to include Booties in this list, after all Babies and Booties go together like Strawberries and Cream!  Both infinitely Yummy!
I love innovative ways of using vintage fabric and I have to say making it into Baby Bibs has to be the way to go.  It's like completing a circle, very old fabric being used for a newborn!
Gothenburg Bird Diaper Bag by Ikabags at Etsy

As you can imagine, there are many many diaper/changing bags to choose from.  I chose this bag because it is such a classic.  Not all sugary sweet and 'Babyish' so you can carry on using it when the kids are all grown up (well at least at school).  It's so chic, you would be the envy of all the Baby & Toddler Group Mums!
Hamburger & Fries Stroller/Buggy Halloween Costume by Mapletree2000 at Etsy

I just had to include this item, it has to be the funniest 'costume' I have seen in a very long time, the burger is an outfit for the child in itself.  I almost wish my youngest was still in a buggy just so I could find an excuse to buy it!
'And now for something completely different.'  Is it cheating if I use fabric with Babies on it?  I love Swoon so I had to feature something again!  So when all the little ones are asleep, what better way to shut out the world and get some 'shut eye' yourself!
Dribbledana - Bird houses by Beaky at Etsy
Last but by no means least, a great combination Babies and Bird Houses - double cute!  I love Dribbledanas, they're a really funky take on the bib! 

So there we have it, Monday's Fabric ABC lesson, B For Baby!  If any of these items have interested you to Buy or Inspire just click on each heading as they're all linked to the item and shop.

Any ideas for C Is For... next Monday?

Many thanks for dropping by, as always it's really appreciated!  Emma :)

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