Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Angie Lewin Is My Latest Craft Crush!

Angie Lewin
It feels like I fall in love every day! 
  • Seeking out exciting designers working with beautiful fabrics, I seem to be living a charmed life. And yet again I have found a designer who makes my pulse race and my pupils dilate, 'Oops I Did It Again!' I'm in love!
  • On this occasion I'm beguiled by the work of Angie Lewin, just take a look at her handsome prints and see if you fall head over heels too.
  • The first picture of Hedgerow is a screen-printed textile for St. Jude's. It was 1 of 6 nominees in the 'Best Wallpaper & Fabric' category of the Grand Designs Awards 2010.
Angie Lewin

This is a screen-printed textile for St. Jude's. These two designs were within the final shortlist of 4 designs is 'Best in Fabric' category of the Elle Decoration Design Awards 2006.
Winter Stem for LibertyWinter Stem for Liberty
Winter Stem for LibertyWinter Stem for Liberty
Winter Thistle for Liberty
Angie Lewin
Seedheads - Screen-printed textile for St. Jude's
Dandelion Two - Screen-printed textile for St. Jude's

  • Angie Lewin studied BA(Hons) Fine Art Printmaking at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design between 1983 and 1986, followed by a year’s part-time postgraduate printmaking at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts.
  • Having worked in London as an illustrator she studied horticulture and a move to Norfolk prompted a return to printmaking.
  • She is inspired by both the clifftops and saltmarshes of the North Norfolk coast and the Scottish Highlands, depicting these contrasting environments and their native flora in wood engraving, linocut, silkscreen, lithograph and collage.
  • She is attracted to the relationships between plant communities on an intimate level, even the fine lines of insect eggs on a flower bud are observed in her work.
  • Since 2005 she has been designing screen printed textiles and stationery for St. Jude's. She has also been commissioned by a number of publishers to create book jacket designs. Merrell recently published an an anthology of garden writing illustrated with her prints.
  • Angie is highly respected in her field, in 2006 she was elected to The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers and in 2008 to The Society of Wood Engravers. In 2010 she was elected to The Art Workers Guild
So there's the reason for my latest crush, very handsome and absolutely beguiling!

If you are inspired or wish to buy check out her Website or St Jude's.

As Always, many thanks for dropping by!

Before I go, do you recall my other infatuation, the Divine Ms Horner?  Well I'm having a Giveaway of her featured fabric Innocent Crush.  Check back Friday when I will be publishing entry details! :)


Fat Chick Design said...

I might have to start wearing a bid when I visit your blog, on account of all the dribbling over your fabric finds!

Anonymous said...

He He I agree its so sad to see a grown woman dribble over a bit of fabric - but this is worth it!
The designs are so tranquil and soothing - beautiful

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Fat Chick Design, I am so with you on that one! This fabric is particularly gorgeous! :)

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Julie, but what other vices do we have that aren't fattening or bad for your health (oops but bad on your purse!)??? ;)

Anonymous said...

These pattens are wonderful!

By the way - where did you get your "member of uk handmade" badge on the side of your profile? I've just joined the site (which is how I found your blog) and would love one for myself. I'd appreciate the help. Thanks

Mystica said...

I came over from Canton Village Quilts and loved this post. I think the designs are out of this world.

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Mystica, thanks for dropping by. They are fantastic aren't they. So fresh! :)

Fiona Stolze said...

These are lovely fabrics, Emma. I especially love the winter thistles. x

Emma Thomsen said...

Hi Fiona, that one is particularly lovely, especially as a dress fabric! My favorite has to be seedheads, they're so reminiscent of this time of year :)