Friday, 27 August 2010

The Truly Captivating Fabric Art of Sew Creepy Confections

I am completely enchanted by Danielle of Sew Creepy Confections fabric art.  The gothic style comes with beautifully written descriptions for every piece, all with a dark ending.

After initially working in retail to pay the bills, Danielle was made redundant about 10 years ago when the store closed and, with a bachelor's degree in fine arts (emphasis: drawing) and the ability to sew, she brought her hobby into the public domain. 

Her influences are murder mystery novels and old horror movies such as Dracula and Frankenstein or anything with Vincent Price in it.  Inspiration and material also comes from Edgar Allan Poe who she quotes often, I think that's part of my captivation as I'm a fan of his.

If you want some of her art, especially with Halloween just around the corner check out her shop on Sew Creepy Confections.  And to see even more of her work and read about her fascinating journey in the world of gothic novels and history you can follow her blog

Miss Harvest Moon
M. et Mme. de Mummet
Sylvie The Lil Bat
Let me know of any Fabric Art Designers you know that deserve a mention, I'm always looking for new and exciting talent to feature

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Carmen said...

Oh this is so my sort of thing! I'm definitely going to go check out the blog :)