Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Super Fresh Recycled Cotton Shirt Fabric by SewDanish

I love the idea of recycling fabric, when a shirt has seen better days or a set of curtains that just don't hang the same any more.  How great is it to take the item apart and use in a great sewing project?

SewDanish has got the right idea and put together some excellent ready cut bundles of cotton shirt fabric.  Perfect for all sorts of patchwork items such as a quilt, cushion or even funky kids clothes!  What could you do with fantastic bundles like these?

Check out their shop on Etsy

25 6'x 6' inch recycled plaid cotton shirt

50 3x3 inch recycled cotton shirt fabric

16 9x11 inch recycled cotton shirt fabric homespun check


patchfabrics said...

brilliant idea - both the shirting squares and your blog :-)

Emma Thomsen said...

Thanks Patchfabrics, I really appreciate your comment. I just love the whole ethos of lots of lovely people designing and making fabric, selling it and then someone making something with that, it's like the circle of life for fabric and with vintage fabric it's a spiral just Fantastic!