Sunday, 29 August 2010

Some Japanese Fabrics For Inspiration!

There's always room for Japanese Fabric in a stash, whether it's the sugary sweet super kawaii or contemporary nature, for making cute gifts and treasures for loved ones or maybe to sell on Etsy.  Such as Purses/Bags/Totes, Hats, Buttons, Kids Clothes and Cushions.  Here I'm featuring prints that have caught my eye and where you can buy them:
Summer Birds on Floral Tree Stump is available at Stefaniexu, she used this fantastic fabric to make the tote below.  I just wish she was selling the bag, Tres Chic!
This very retro funky Four piece bundle of Snoopy fabric is available at Beautifulwork.
Spring Birds in Purple and Pink is a stunning and rare fabric available by the yard at ScissorsHappy.  There are so many projects I could do with this, but as always so little time!
Kitty Kokeshi in Cream by Alexander Henry, available by the metre at VoodooRabbit.  There are more cats printed onto Japanese Fabric than you can 'shake a stick at' but I think these are very handsome!

Sakura Rabbit in Pink Japanese Fabric available by the half yard at FabHub.  More Watership Down than Miffy, don't you think?

Deer, owl and Friends Japanese cotton fabric is available by the Half Yard at Francisbel.  This has to be one of my all time favourites and seems to have been around for a long time, so it's fairly rare.  I have made some fantastic fabric buttons with this, which sold very well on Etsy (when I had a shop). 

I hope these fabrics have given you some inspiration and maybe connected you to some great Japanese Fabric shops.  

Let me know of any Fabric Shops that you think deserve a 'shout out'!

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