Monday, 30 August 2010

Fabric Cakes For Tea at Aloras Adorables

Candy Pink & Red Hearts and Flowers
Vintage Chenille Fabric
OK, they're not really Fabric Cakes but you cannot argue they look like beautifully iced cakes. These vintage lovelies have kept their astonishing colour and are made into stunning cozy quilts. I think a 'must do soon project', especially with the coming chilly months... who am I kidding? In the UK it's needed right now!

Judy of Alorasadorables writes "I relate to textiles on so many levels and was bitten by the "fiber bug" the years I lived in England and travelled throughout western Europe and northern Africa. Perusing antique stores and museums peaked my interest. Chenille became my focus when I lost my mother. It is a fabric of great comfort, homeyness, and a reminder of gentler times. When my investment in my collection became my fabric addiction, I decided I had too much and wanted to share with others and Alora's Adorables went from idea to reality.

I love vintage chenille, the textures and the visual interest it brings to textile designs and I will sell only the best chenille that I can find. When I acquire a spread or a section of a spread I launder with preservation in mind and may make minor repairs.

Prior to cutting and assembling quilt squares, before sale and shipment of fabrics, every spread or piece of chenille I acquire is carefully delinted, ironed, steamed, fluffed and/or brushed to bring out it's best qualities. I take every effort to ensure your purchase arrives clean, fresh, and in ready-to-use condition.

Magenta, Orchid and Lavender Plush

Art Deco Wedding Ring
Floral Chocolate Heart
Floral Cabin Craft Needletufted

Not all her chenille is quite so elaborate, I just couldn't resist showcasing some of her more spectacular pieces.  And this is how the quilts look when lovingly put together, hmm nice and toasty!
Pink-a-licious Summer Garden
Quilt in Vintage Chenille
Pink Bougainvillea and Tropical Waters 
Vintage Chenille Quilt
Or maybe buy a kit and make it yourself, so tempting!

Complete Quilt Top DIY Kit 30/7" Rotary Cut
Vintage Chenille Squares Royal Blue & White
Complete Quilt Top Rotary Cut DIY Kit
42/6" Vintage Chenille Squares - Pinkalicious

This is just a very small selection of Judy's chenille, to see even more of her huge range check out her shop alorasadorables. Eye Candy for any Fabric Addict!

Is there a fabric that reminds you of your childhood and gives you a warm cozy feeling when you use it?

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