Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Fabric Art Beyond Imagination by Jacque Textile Designs Ltd

Hand Made Green Original Nothern Lights
How could I resist featuring this Artist, Jackie of Jacque Textile Designs Ltd?  

As the title suggests her designs are beyond imagination, she has a fantastic way with colour, they are vivid and striking and yet so familiar.  Maybe it's the way she's influenced by nature with heady swirls, warming colours or the dizzy mix of striking colours.  As I scanned the myriad of Fabric Artists on Etsy, there was something about her work that struck a cord with me.  Sold as panels, rather than ready framed pieces, so you can add the beautiful colour to lots of sewing projects such as quilting, soft furnishings, bags or even clothing!

To see even more of her fantastic designs check out her shop on Etsy, JacqueDesigns.

4 Sunset Landscape Forest Trees College
Mixed Media Fabric Panel Abstract Fiber Art Unique Doll Fabric

Hand Created Kaleidoscope

Jackie worked in the garment and textile industry for over 14 years, which has included research in textiles. She attended the University of Minnesota and received a BS degree in apparel science and design.  Her other courses have been in web development, marketing, and surface design technique courses. While attending college and working on a research grant, she found she had a great deal more interest in fabrics.  Specifically, the science behind them, different ways in which they're made, and the variety of applications that can be applied to them. She's intrigued by the creation process involved in making fabrics and  finds the printing and dyeing process most interesting.

Her inspiration comes from the true beauty seen in nature, the forms, textures, and colors. For instance the texture of bark, veins in leaves, beauty of colours seen in tropical wildlife, animals and shapes, colors, texture, and intricacy of beautiful landscapes. The vastness and mystery of the universe is another inspiration for her. 

She says "When making my art fabric first the creation of the design must be done. Initially the inspiration must be discovered, what message do I want to send to the viewer? What emotion do I want to evoke from my fabrics? My fabrics might not have the same message or emotion I intended them to, but a response from the viewer is main objective I have. As most artists do".

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