Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Discover Exciting Fabric Prints & Contemporary Fibre Art At Mummysam

Whilst cruising around Etsy I found a Seller with some very exciting fabric and fibre art.  I think they are the designer but unfortunately their profile isn't completed so I'm not entirey sure, but what they have on offer is so new and fresh!  Check these pictures out and view for yourself.  The Seller is Mummysam and the link to their shop is

"On this rainy day....
Henry cannot wait to come home and listen to the pitter patter while sipping on a cup of tea,

Madge is saddened that her surprise picnic she had planned for Henry was not going to be.... "

Kitchen Jars

"just maybe....if she knit him a sweater, he would remember
just maybe....he would remember, and want to join her back out in the sea.... "

"as he passed by...." he passed by, they all had something to say. he passed by, they all wondered if he was with someone he passed by, they talked even more he passed by, one got his attention and will maybe woo him back?
"This piece was made for a recent exhibition in Rhode Island, and has now found it's way back home and ready for it's permanent home! Made with linen, this piece has been lovingly made with embroidery."

the city I love...orignal mixed media wall hanging

"A lovely embroidered mixed media piece to hang on the wall, this piece measures 6" in diameter and has been made with linen and cotton. The background has been treated with layers of beeswax and enhanced with watercolors."

"A labour of love that started out as a 3 foot piece, this artwork was eventually cropped to the size that it was meant to be...well worth the time!"

"This piece has been finished off with a combination of free motion stitching and hand embroidery"

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