Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Fabric Art Beyond Imagination by Jacque Textile Designs Ltd

Hand Made Green Original Nothern Lights
How could I resist featuring this Artist, Jackie of Jacque Textile Designs Ltd?  

As the title suggests her designs are beyond imagination, she has a fantastic way with colour, they are vivid and striking and yet so familiar.  Maybe it's the way she's influenced by nature with heady swirls, warming colours or the dizzy mix of striking colours.  As I scanned the myriad of Fabric Artists on Etsy, there was something about her work that struck a cord with me.  Sold as panels, rather than ready framed pieces, so you can add the beautiful colour to lots of sewing projects such as quilting, soft furnishings, bags or even clothing!

To see even more of her fantastic designs check out her shop on Etsy, JacqueDesigns.

4 Sunset Landscape Forest Trees College
Mixed Media Fabric Panel Abstract Fiber Art Unique Doll Fabric

Hand Created Kaleidoscope

Jackie worked in the garment and textile industry for over 14 years, which has included research in textiles. She attended the University of Minnesota and received a BS degree in apparel science and design.  Her other courses have been in web development, marketing, and surface design technique courses. While attending college and working on a research grant, she found she had a great deal more interest in fabrics.  Specifically, the science behind them, different ways in which they're made, and the variety of applications that can be applied to them. She's intrigued by the creation process involved in making fabrics and  finds the printing and dyeing process most interesting.

Her inspiration comes from the true beauty seen in nature, the forms, textures, and colors. For instance the texture of bark, veins in leaves, beauty of colours seen in tropical wildlife, animals and shapes, colors, texture, and intricacy of beautiful landscapes. The vastness and mystery of the universe is another inspiration for her. 

She says "When making my art fabric first the creation of the design must be done. Initially the inspiration must be discovered, what message do I want to send to the viewer? What emotion do I want to evoke from my fabrics? My fabrics might not have the same message or emotion I intended them to, but a response from the viewer is main objective I have. As most artists do".

Monday, 30 August 2010

Fabric Cakes For Tea at Aloras Adorables

Candy Pink & Red Hearts and Flowers
Vintage Chenille Fabric
OK, they're not really Fabric Cakes but you cannot argue they look like beautifully iced cakes. These vintage lovelies have kept their astonishing colour and are made into stunning cozy quilts. I think a 'must do soon project', especially with the coming chilly months... who am I kidding? In the UK it's needed right now!

Judy of Alorasadorables writes "I relate to textiles on so many levels and was bitten by the "fiber bug" the years I lived in England and travelled throughout western Europe and northern Africa. Perusing antique stores and museums peaked my interest. Chenille became my focus when I lost my mother. It is a fabric of great comfort, homeyness, and a reminder of gentler times. When my investment in my collection became my fabric addiction, I decided I had too much and wanted to share with others and Alora's Adorables went from idea to reality.

I love vintage chenille, the textures and the visual interest it brings to textile designs and I will sell only the best chenille that I can find. When I acquire a spread or a section of a spread I launder with preservation in mind and may make minor repairs.

Prior to cutting and assembling quilt squares, before sale and shipment of fabrics, every spread or piece of chenille I acquire is carefully delinted, ironed, steamed, fluffed and/or brushed to bring out it's best qualities. I take every effort to ensure your purchase arrives clean, fresh, and in ready-to-use condition.

Magenta, Orchid and Lavender Plush

Art Deco Wedding Ring
Floral Chocolate Heart
Floral Cabin Craft Needletufted

Not all her chenille is quite so elaborate, I just couldn't resist showcasing some of her more spectacular pieces.  And this is how the quilts look when lovingly put together, hmm nice and toasty!
Pink-a-licious Summer Garden
Quilt in Vintage Chenille
Pink Bougainvillea and Tropical Waters 
Vintage Chenille Quilt
Or maybe buy a kit and make it yourself, so tempting!

Complete Quilt Top DIY Kit 30/7" Rotary Cut
Vintage Chenille Squares Royal Blue & White
Complete Quilt Top Rotary Cut DIY Kit
42/6" Vintage Chenille Squares - Pinkalicious

This is just a very small selection of Judy's chenille, to see even more of her huge range check out her shop alorasadorables. Eye Candy for any Fabric Addict!

Is there a fabric that reminds you of your childhood and gives you a warm cozy feeling when you use it?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Some Japanese Fabrics For Inspiration!

There's always room for Japanese Fabric in a stash, whether it's the sugary sweet super kawaii or contemporary nature, for making cute gifts and treasures for loved ones or maybe to sell on Etsy.  Such as Purses/Bags/Totes, Hats, Buttons, Kids Clothes and Cushions.  Here I'm featuring prints that have caught my eye and where you can buy them:
Summer Birds on Floral Tree Stump is available at Stefaniexu, she used this fantastic fabric to make the tote below.  I just wish she was selling the bag, Tres Chic!
This very retro funky Four piece bundle of Snoopy fabric is available at Beautifulwork.
Spring Birds in Purple and Pink is a stunning and rare fabric available by the yard at ScissorsHappy.  There are so many projects I could do with this, but as always so little time!
Kitty Kokeshi in Cream by Alexander Henry, available by the metre at VoodooRabbit.  There are more cats printed onto Japanese Fabric than you can 'shake a stick at' but I think these are very handsome!

Sakura Rabbit in Pink Japanese Fabric available by the half yard at FabHub.  More Watership Down than Miffy, don't you think?

Deer, owl and Friends Japanese cotton fabric is available by the Half Yard at Francisbel.  This has to be one of my all time favourites and seems to have been around for a long time, so it's fairly rare.  I have made some fantastic fabric buttons with this, which sold very well on Etsy (when I had a shop). 

I hope these fabrics have given you some inspiration and maybe connected you to some great Japanese Fabric shops.  

Let me know of any Fabric Shops that you think deserve a 'shout out'!

Friday, 27 August 2010

The Truly Captivating Fabric Art of Sew Creepy Confections

I am completely enchanted by Danielle of Sew Creepy Confections fabric art.  The gothic style comes with beautifully written descriptions for every piece, all with a dark ending.

After initially working in retail to pay the bills, Danielle was made redundant about 10 years ago when the store closed and, with a bachelor's degree in fine arts (emphasis: drawing) and the ability to sew, she brought her hobby into the public domain. 

Her influences are murder mystery novels and old horror movies such as Dracula and Frankenstein or anything with Vincent Price in it.  Inspiration and material also comes from Edgar Allan Poe who she quotes often, I think that's part of my captivation as I'm a fan of his.

If you want some of her art, especially with Halloween just around the corner check out her shop on Sew Creepy Confections.  And to see even more of her work and read about her fascinating journey in the world of gothic novels and history you can follow her blog sewcreepy.blogspot.com/.

Miss Harvest Moon
M. et Mme. de Mummet
Sylvie The Lil Bat
Let me know of any Fabric Art Designers you know that deserve a mention, I'm always looking for new and exciting talent to feature

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Super Fresh Recycled Cotton Shirt Fabric by SewDanish

I love the idea of recycling fabric, when a shirt has seen better days or a set of curtains that just don't hang the same any more.  How great is it to take the item apart and use in a great sewing project?

SewDanish has got the right idea and put together some excellent ready cut bundles of cotton shirt fabric.  Perfect for all sorts of patchwork items such as a quilt, cushion or even funky kids clothes!  What could you do with fantastic bundles like these?

Check out their shop on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/SewDanish?ref=seller_info

25 6'x 6' inch recycled plaid cotton shirt

50 3x3 inch recycled cotton shirt fabric

16 9x11 inch recycled cotton shirt fabric homespun check

Discover Exciting Fabric Prints & Contemporary Fibre Art At Mummysam

Whilst cruising around Etsy I found a Seller with some very exciting fabric and fibre art.  I think they are the designer but unfortunately their profile isn't completed so I'm not entirey sure, but what they have on offer is so new and fresh!  Check these pictures out and view for yourself.  The Seller is Mummysam and the link to their shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/mummysam?ref=seller_info

"On this rainy day....
Henry cannot wait to come home and listen to the pitter patter while sipping on a cup of tea,

Madge is saddened that her surprise picnic she had planned for Henry was not going to be.... "

Kitchen Jars

"just maybe....if she knit him a sweater, he would remember
just maybe....he would remember, and want to join her back out in the sea.... "

"as he passed by...."

...as he passed by, they all had something to say.

...as he passed by, they all wondered if he was with someone

...as he passed by, they talked even more

...as he passed by, one got his attention and will maybe woo him back?
"This piece was made for a recent exhibition in Rhode Island, and has now found it's way back home and ready for it's permanent home! Made with linen, this piece has been lovingly made with embroidery."

the city I love...orignal mixed media wall hanging

"A lovely embroidered mixed media piece to hang on the wall, this piece measures 6" in diameter and has been made with linen and cotton. The background has been treated with layers of beeswax and enhanced with watercolors."

"A labour of love that started out as a 3 foot piece, this artwork was eventually cropped to the size that it was meant to be...well worth the time!"

"This piece has been finished off with a combination of free motion stitching and hand embroidery"

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Super Kawaii Surfing Ninja Japanese Fabric

You know when Super Kawaii Fabric hits the spot?  Well this is one of those designs.  I confess I'm a sucker for kawaii fabric as it's all I ever wanted in a fabric as a kid and certainly as an adult for my kids.  The only problem as always is what do I make first?  A Cute Coin Purse,  Little Girls Dress, Bags, Key Fob, Oven Mitts and Quilting!  Maybe even funky curtains and matching cushions.

You can purchase the Fat Quarter bundle at the top or by the full/half yard from Sweetkapua

Here's Sweetkapua's Bio: 

Born and raised in Hawaii on the island of O'ahu. I've been sewing since I was 10 and was always dabbling in making handbags and my own clothes. I also graduated in fashion design at U of Hawaii. I had a regular job but my Aunt told me about a cute little website where you can sell handmade things and that was me. For some reason I didn't have the guts to start it. Who would buy my things I thought? I noticed that people sold supplies and I had a good source for wholesale fabrics. I thought I would start off this way and if it was successful I would open a Pouch Shop. So I bought 5 bolts of 1 print and posted some destash. Sales were slow at first and I was discouraged. A month into it I started getting convos about ordering bigger yardage. How exciting!!!! I figured out postage and packing and shipping and now my fabric shop is doing pretty well for how small it is.                            

I have a pouch shop too: madeofaloha.etsy.com and it does alright as well. Etsy has given me a way to shop my creative side without having to put too much time into a huge project. It has opened a whole new world for me.

Here are just a few of her many cute pouches, my problem is which one to buy!
Keiki Fun Time Pouch.
It might be this one for a taste of Summer going into the winter!

Happy Geisha Pencil Case
Or this one, I love all the cute Japanese/Chinese girls on just about all things kawaii related.

Happy Bunny Small Zipper Pouch.
Or this one, although I fear my 5 year old daughter might make a claim!

I chose Keiki Fun Time.  It's been a dreary London this week and it's still August so I need some sunshine in my bag.  Can't wait for it to arrive.

Which of her pouches would you buy?

Friday, 20 August 2010

The Fabric Press

Have you ever thought of designing fabric yourself, or have a favourite picture that you would like to see on fabric?  Then check out http://www.thefabricpress.com/

he Fabric Press is the website of a fabric workshop based in Cheltenham, England. They design and print their own cotton and sell their goods under the label of Rosablue. With the Fabric Press they intend to extend a similar service to the general public.  The idea is that you can send them your patterns and images as digital files and they print you a sample of cotton, print a length of fabric, or use your pattern to print on one of their products.  Why not have a go as you may produce something that you could start selling yourself on a Handmade website such as http://www.etsy.com/.

Town Fabric By Lucie Summers

I just had to add something by Lucie Summers a fabric designer trading as Summersville, a UK Seller on Etsy.  "This new design, 'town', is an extension of my best selling 'avenue' design.  It has been screenprinted by hand in my studio."  The small design makes it ideal for small projects such as zip purses, fabric cover buttons, patchwork and cushions.  If you want some just pop along to Summersville

Through posting on her blog Blu-Shedand listing on Etsy, she has come to the attention of several Art Directors, which has led to commissions for a variety of exciting jobs - food packaging for Frito Lay, a book cover for Storey Publishing and a range of stationery for Galison in New York.

Most recently I have been invited to participate in 'The Incredible Print Show' currently being held at Artstream Studios in New Hampshire for which I created a limited edition range of screenprinted panels.
Here are some more of her fresh and fun prints...





Lucie was a Featured Seller on Etsy, here is a piece from the interview :
What first made you want to become an artist.
I've always made things - as a little girl I would renovate my dolls house and decorate it in ticking stripes and tiny florals with matchbox beds and matchstick curtain poles.
I come from line of creative women - I grew up watching my mum make the most amazing clothes and furnishings, and she learnt from her mother. She's also a quiltmaker and prizewinning long-arm quilter - her workmanship and eye for colour and detail is something else she passed down to me.
Please describe your creative process how, when, materials, etc.
Having two small boys means I can't spend all day every day creating (sadly). So I grab time whenever I can - while the dinner is cooking, while the boys are playing happily.
I like to design in the evenings watching TV with a fine black pen and paper - all my designs are hand drawn, i do nothing with them on the computer at all, it's just me and a photocopier!
I generally print in the mornings - I use water based inks and a cotton base cloth that looks like linen but has a softer handle.
I tend to take product shots in the afternoon then edit them straight away and I list my items in the early evenings before the boys go up for a bath. It all gets done somehow!
What handmade possession do you most cherish?
My little wooden animals my brother made for me in his woodwork class at school. He was about 12 and I was 6. The elephants often make it into my product shots.

Lastly Lucie used her fabric to make a quilt for 'the festival of quilts' which was at Birmingham NEC (organised by Twisted Thread) at the end of August 2010, and it won in it's category 'group quilts' (Lucie pieced the quilt and her Mum quilted it)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

I'm New!

This is my new blog about fabric and textiles.  I'm going to trawl the internet, so you don't have to, in search of exciting and new fabric resources.  Whether they are the designers of print or pushing the very boundaries of textile design and creation.  I'm really excited about this new project and hope to get a bit more creative with a my blog space (as I am completely new to this) and to start posting lots of eye candy fabrics soon!